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By Cathy Hunt 


In 1921 the brilliant and charismatic trade union leader, Mary Macarthur, died at the age of 40. in her short life, her activism and leadership had been responsible for raising awareness of women's poor working conditions and encouraging them to speak out against injustice and inequality. 

This new Biography by historian Dr. Cathy Hunt, is not just an account of Mary the Union Leader, but of Mary the woman, wife, mother, explored within the context of her times. 

Dr. Cathy Hunt has also been interviewed on our podcast where she discusses Mary's life in detail and talks about her approach to writing the book. 

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Visit Author's Website: Cathy Hunt historian – History – what I do, what I love




Feminist Artist & Writer, Renee Gerlich's Brief Complete Herstory series of books, which are published by Dragon Cloud Press, give an illustrated overview of Women's History from the Big Bang to the present day and answer many women's questions about subjects such as politics & religion. Renee has also been a special guest on our podcast, so listen to her interview to find out more about her work and this brilliant collection of illiustrated books. 

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On This Day She: Putting Women Back Into History One Day At A Time

by Jo Bell, Tania Hershman & Ailsa Holland, 

Our past is full of influential women, many of whom have been unfairly confined to the margins of history. Politicians, troublemakers, explorers, artists, writers, scientists and even the odd murderer; these women have shaped society around the globe. From Beyonce to Doria Shafik, Queen Elizabeth I to Lillian Bilocca, On This Day She sets out to redress this imbalance and give voice to both those already deemed female icons, alongside others whom the history books have failed to include: the good, the bad and everything inbetween – this is a record of human existence at its most authentic - featuring 366 women, one for every day of the year.


Women Warriors By Pam Toler

In Women Warriors, historian Pamela Toler examines the stories of historical women for whom battle was not a metaphor: using both well known and obscure examples, drawn from the ancient world through the twentieth century and from Asia and Africa as well as from the West.


Looking at specific examples of historical women warriors, she considers why they went to war, how those reasons related to their roles as mothers, daughters, wives, or widows, peacemakers, poets or queens—and what happened when women stepped outside their accepted roles to take on other identities.


She considers the ways in which their presence on the ramparts or the battlefield has been erased from history and looks at the patterns and parallels that emerge when we look at similar stories across historical periods and geographical boundaries.


She looks at ordinary women who did extraordinary things as well as the truly exceptional. Women warriors are assumed to be historical anomalies—Joan of Arc, not G.I. Jane. By comparing the stories of individual women across historical periods and geographical boundaries, Toler uncovers a different story. Women have always fought, not in spite of being women but because they are women.

“Pamela Toler’s writing never fails to delight me. In Women Warriors, she is like that best friend who is just way smarter than you, whose witty and engaging explanations help you see the past in a brand-new light.....Toler is a first-rate scholar who truly knows her stuff, and yet she imparts her wisdom with a light and engaging touch.”

Elizabeth Letts, author of the New York Times bestseller The Perfect Horse

To find out more go to: 

Pamela Toler – Writing unexpected history for smart adults and curious kids—and vice versa. (

History in the Margins – Pamela Toler


Pivotal by Nikki Vallance


Four lives. Three siblings. Two secrets. One Pivotal moment.

When a mysterious bequest throws the lives of four women into chaos, they seek support from hypnotherapist, Dr Kath O' Hannon. Thorough a process of self-discovery, their new found knowledge weighs heavily, as they unpick four decades of life choices, and are forced about the next stage of their journeys.

Pivotal is a split-narrative, relationship mystery portraying the impact of a life-changing moment on four women with seemingly unconnected lives.

Find out more about Nikki and her book on the link below

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Time Management for Entrepreneurs & Professionals

by Abigail Barnes


Have you ever stopped to calculate
the real cost to your work/life
of the time that you waste?

- Learn how to set goals you achieve to create the work/life balance you want
- Learn how to turn your time into productivity

Abigail Barnes is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, founder of Success by Design Training and corporate trainer on time management and productive wellbeing.

Find our more below and on the video 

Time Management for Entrepreneurs and Professionals – Time Management

Success by Design Training - For Business

Abigail Barnes - YouTube

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